Australian SLANG



Australian SLANG

Australian slang, also known as Strine, is our special way of speaking. Words and phrases handed down from our ancestors and that has become iconic to Australia, and differentiated from the British English.


excellent! very good!

Aerial pingpong

Australian Rules football

Aggro someone who is aggravated, upset
Alf a stupid person
Amber fluid / nectar beer
Ambo ambulance
Ankle biter small child
Ants pants the height of fashion or person has a high opinion of themselves
Apples, she'll be It'll be alright
Apple eaters someone from Tasmania
Armchair sportsmen someone knowledgeable about sport but does not play it (one who sits on an armchair and watches sports)
Arvo afternoon
Aussie salute brushing away flies with the hand
Avagoyermug someone is not trying hard enough in their sport, and you want them to (this is yelled to give them a bit of a push a long)
Avos avocados
AV Jennings marriage your first marriage (AV Jennings is a builder in Australia specialising in building houses for young married couples)
Awning over the toy shop male beer belly (the toy shop being the male reproductive organs)

B & S - Ball

Bachelor's & Spinster's Ball- a singles party usually held in rural areas

Back of Bourke

in the outback, a very long way

Bail leave, depart usually angrily

Bail up

to corner somebody physically


someone going crazy with anger


someone from Queensland



Bang on

hit the target right in the middle, OR it's right, or correct

Banged up


Bar flies

people men who drink and talk in the front bar of a pub for hours and hours


barbecue or B.B.Q.


argument - fight - punch up.


(Fish) Barramundi


to support and cheer on for your favourite team.

Bash, give it a have a go, make an attempt
Basket case

someone on the edge of mental collapse



Battleaxe, old wife or mother-in-law


someone who works hard, struggling financially, against the odds

Bean counter

an accountant


beautiful - .great, fantastic

Beak your nose
Beaten by a blow shearer slang, running shears from one end of sheep to the other
Beating around the bush

not getting to the point on a subject

Beer o'clok

knock off time, time to finish what you are doing and have a well earned beer

Bell, give some one a

ring them on the phone

Belly flop

diving incorrectly into water with the stomach breaking the water

Belt up

you are asked to stop talking or be quiet, in a angry way


angry in a unreasonable way

Berko, gone

gone mad, looks like going mad


I bet you! (wager)

Better half your partner
Bex, going to have a you are going to settle your self down from some sort of stress - usually a cup of tea

Big bikkies

lots of money

Big Note

brag or boast about your self.

Big Smoke

big city or town


motorbike or cycle rider.

Bik-kee biscuit


waterhole or place to drink or an ox-bow river


teapot or container used to boil water in the bush when camping.


a receptacle used for smoking marijuana.

Billy lids the kids


motor vehicle accident

to put the Bite on to ask someone for money

Boob Tube

a strapless, shapeless brassiere made of a stretch fabric.


a mess - untidy.

Brothel a place of prostitution


biting insects - fly, mozzies


mongrel dog (bits of this and bits of that)

Bizzo business ("mind your own bizzo")

Black Stump

a long way away, the back of nowhere

Blimey really!!, surprised by something
even Blind freddy could see that

not understanding something that is obvious


your head

Block, do your

you are angry or lose your temper

Bloody oath

Of course! that's certainly true!!


man, guy or male.



Blower, on the

on the telephone


stranger in town, newcomer - just arrived.

Blow in the bag

police breathalyser test


blow fly - pest.

Blowing your dough

spending all your money

Blow through

leave in a hurry


lazy person - someone who gets out of work.


argument - fight or punch up.

Blue, make a

make a mistake


a redhead


blue-bottle or jellyfish

Bluey/ Blue Heeler

Australian Cattle Dog

Bodgy of inferior quality
off to the bog, to leave an offering

off to the toilet to defecate

Bog in commence eating, to attack food with enthusiasm
Bog standard basic, unadorned, without accessories

a rough uncivilised, uneducated person who has no morals and is lazy.

Bogged stuck in mud, deep sand (a vehicle).
Bomb, its a

it's cool or it' a old car

Bonzer great, terrific


idiot - stupid.

Boogie board a hybrid, half-sized surf board
Boomer a large kangaroo


aboriginal weapon, curved piece of wood

Booze Bus

police vehicle used in Random Breath Testing

Bo-peep, go for a

go for a sneaky look

Bottle Shop

liquor store.

Bottl-o liquor shop (originally a man with hessian bags going around picking up beer bottles in the 50's and 60's)
Bottlin, his bloods worth

he's an excellent, helpful bloke.

Bottler something excellent
Bounce a bully
Bowl of rice, not my not my cup of tea; I don't like it
Brass razoo, he hasn't got a he's very poor
Bread basket your stomach


1st meal of the day - breakfast.

Brick shithouse, built like a a very physically big strong person


bricklayer ... someone who works in the construction industry


Brisbane - city in Queensland


a creep or crawler

Bruce, a

a man, as in the Monty Python sketch where all the Australians were named Bruce


a wild horse

Bug, Moreton Bay small crab from Moreton Bay


no chance, no hope at all.

Buck's night

stag party, male gathering the night before the wedding

Budgie smugglers men's bathing costume

a friendly endearment

Bugger me dead

extremely shocked at something

Bugger off telling someone to go away, in a not very nice way
Buggery, go to the

being asked to leave or keep your nose out-in a very nasty way

Bull Bar

stout bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos (also roo bar)

Bull dust

a lie

Bulla manka

imaginary place in the far outback, as far as you can go in the outback

Bummer sigh, disappointed in something


short for Bundaberg, Queensland, and the brand of rum that's made there

Bung to put - bung me a beer in my hand

your mouth

Bunch of Fives

fist - punch.


mythical Australian creature


outside the city (out back) - rough country.

Bush bash long competitive running or motorcar race through the bush
Bush telly campfire


give it a go - try or attempt to do.

Burr up

get angry


tired - worn out.


a member of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade/ someone who lives in the Bush

Bushman's Clock

a kookaburra as it cackles every morning


highwayman, outlaw

Bush Telegraph

grape vine or by word-of-mouth, the town gossip network

Bush tucker

food gathered (from nature) in the Australian outback.


hiking or walking in the bush for pleasure.

Bushweek?, what is this

telling someone something is not true. An exclamation that you don't believe them

Bushwhacked extremely fatigued or exhausted
Bushytailed full of health and good spirits.

Bust a gut

work hard - all out effort


a strong wind.

Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest

doing nothing

Busy as a centipede on a hot plate

very busy


bring your own - drinks/food.

Cab Sav cabernet sauvignon (a variety of wine)
Cabbie taxi driver


dead, not functioning


your mouth

Call it a day

to finish what you have been doing for the day

Camp oven

large cast iron pot with a lid, for cooking on a open fire

Cancer stick cigarette
Cane toad someone from Queensland

Captain Cook, have a

have a look at something

Cark it

to die

Carpetbagger steak

beef stuffed with oysters

Centralia the inland region of Australia



Champers champagne


someone will not spend money or tight wad


saying goodbye

Cheese & kisses

the missus, you wife

Chew the fat

have a good talk together

Chewie chewing gum


having a good chat



Chokkie chocolate

Chock a block or Chocker's

full to the point you can fill no more or crowded to over flowing

Choof off

go now


a chicken, rooster or hen


throw something or vomit

Chuck a spazz to go off the boil, get out of control angrily
Chuck a U-ee make a U-turn, 180 degrees




tell a real big lie or say something inappropriate or a shock


a fake, substitute.. Claytons is a non alcoholic drink billed as 'the drink you're having when you're not having a drink'


unbranded cattle or not a criminal, or bottle of wine without a label

Click kilometre - "it's 10 clicks away"


Clothes or to hit someone

Codger a bloke, fellow, especially elderly and a little odd

Clocked someone

you're hit someone

Clod hoppers

your feet

Clucky feeling broody or maternal
Coat hanger Sydney Harbour Bridge


a mate, a close friend

G'day Cobber

welcome close friend

Cock up, something is a

its gone all wrong

Cock and bull

something is a lie (cock and bull story)


someone who lives in the state of New South Wales, don't ask why




cockroach or cockatoo

Cockeyed twisted or slanted to one side; foolish, absurd


cods-swal-lop a lot nonsense or a lie

got no Coin

got no money


a cold beer

Come a gutser make a bad mistake, have an accident


compensation (worker's compensation)

Conch conscientious person. Somebody who would rather work or study than go out and enjoy themselves


to hit someone


call for greeting someone at a distance in the bush or a long way off - far away

Cook one's wife

Cop it sweet

to get what's coming to you, without try to get back at them

Corker something excellent. a good stroke in cricket might be described as a 'corker of a shot'


aboriginal festival dance, gathering

put on your Cossie

put on your clothing

you will be waiting till the Cows come home

you be waiting all day

Counter meal pub lunch

Cow Juice

milk from a cow


swimming costume (NSW)

that's a load of old Crap

a lie

stop the Crap!

stop what you are doing or saying its not right

off to the Crapper

you off to the toilet

Crack onto

to make a pass at/chat up someone

Cranky in a bad mood
Crapper toilet
Crash to stay over at someone else's place

Creamed someone or team

beaten someone else or a team by a huge margin


surprise at something

Cripes!! I've stepped in something

in extreme discomfort (as in having stepped into dog poo barefoot)

Croc absurd, untrue, load of rubbish




ill or something that is not functioning or a criminal

feeling Crook

not feeling well

Crook as Rookwood

very unwell (Rookwood is a cemetery in western Sydney)


someone who lives in the state of South Australia, that state's outback has a lot of crows


something of low quality

to make a Crust

to earn a living, work for wages

not worth a Crumpet

something is worthless

Cunning as a shithouse rat

someone is very cunning and sneaky

have a Cuppa

have cup of tea or coffee


nickname for a bald person

give someone a bit of Curry

give someone a hard time of it

Cut someones lunch

get involved with someone's partner or possession

you need to take a Cut lunch

where you going is a long walk

Cut lunch commando army reservist

mad as a Cut snake

someone very upset, that could do anything


bow and scrape to someone


- the manure that hangs from the wool on the rear end of a sheep
- a funny person, nerd, goof, used in a friendly way
- an unfashionable way of dressing


trousers or shorts or underpants


something that looks very bad

Damp squib

someone who is not thinking too well, a bit of a dud
(a squib was a small firecracker, a damp squib is one that doesn't go off).


bread made from flour and water


certainty, very true

Dead horse

tomato sauce

Dead marine

empty beer bottle

Dero tramp, hobo, homeless person (from "derelict")

your Dial

your face


Aboriginal wind musical instrument


Australian soldier

going to your Digs

going to your home


someone that is not too smart


food bag or small bag to carry things


someone who is a fool or acting foolish

you're a Dingo

you are cunning bad person


something very Australian

Dinkum, fair dinkum

true, real, genuine
Dingo's breakfast a yawn, a leak and a good look round
Divvy van a police car for transporting criminals


someone who speaks out and lets out about you


something suspicious and underhanded is going on

Dog and bone


Who cut the dog in half?

someone has farted

Dog's eye meat pie

Dog's breakfast

a mess or messy

Dole bludger somebody on social welfare when unjustified

its a Done Deal

something is finished or completed


car or boat engine or motor bike

haven't seen you in Donkey's years

you haven't seen someone in a very long time


something or item you do not know the name of


fool or idiot

Blowing all your Dough

spending all your money

Drink with the flies

to drink alone

if you are a Drip

you are someone with no personality, no character, boring


idiot, someone that is stupid, an insult

Dropped your bundle

you lost control of the situation, and finding it hard to get it sorted out, finding it hard to cope with things (Bundle - a load you carry)

Dropped your guts

you have farted

you are Drover's dog

you no good, you a useless, you are of no importance

Dry as a dead dingo's donger

very dry

I've been Dudded

i've been cheated


a con-man


one who sells cheap stuff as good stuff, implying that it's cheap because it fell off the back of a truck

up the Duff


Duffer, cattle

Dummy spit to throw a tantrum and lose it, like a baby when they cry excessively

Dunlop cheque

cheque that bounced (the bank did not accept it, returned to you) Dunlop being famous for making tyres

noisy as a Dunny door in a storm

a loud continuous noise

Dunny budgie

a fly



Dunny rat, cunning as a very cunning