Australian History: I.T. Timeline

Using a computer is now part of everyday life for most Australians, whether we like it or not! In fact, in today's Australia, you will inadvertently use a computer when purchasing a train or bus ticket, paying for a taxi, making a phone call, watching an LCD television and such.

Computers have an impact upon our lives almost everywhere we do (or don't) go. Perhaps amazingly, computers are a relevantly recent invention. Some of the more important milestones in Australia's Information Technology history are outlined below:

CSIR Mk11949 - Australia's first computer.

IBM 7011952 - Australian release of the IBM 701.

CSIRAC1956 - CSIR Mk1 recomissioned as CSIRAC.

census data computed1966 - Australia's census data is now processed electronically.

apple 2 ii1977 - Australian release of the Apple II personal computer.

arpanet1981 - Australia connects to the Internet (ARPANet).

ibm pc1983 - Australian release of the IBM PC.

online bulletin board system bbs1984 - First 'online' BBS (Bulletin Board System)
atari st1985 - Atari ST released.

amiga 500 amiga 20001987 - Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 released.

aarnet1989 - AARNet is formed.

pegasus networks internet service provider isp1989 - Australia's first (public) ISP (Internet Service Provider).


amiga 30001990 - Amiga 3000 released.


intel pentium cpu1993 - Intel launches the Pentium range of CPUs.


underwater computer wetpc1993 - Australia invents the first underwater computer.


a4000t1994 - Commodore A4000T released (Commodores last PC release).


auda1999 - Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA)